New Group Launched to Take Action for Animal Liberation

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Jan 19 2006 19:07
New Group Launched to Take Action for Animal Liberation

A new animal rights group has been launched to take action for animal liberation. The Western Animal Rights Network (WARN) will act as an umbrella group for local grassroots animal rights groups in the West of England and South Wales.

WARN will act as a news service and contact so new people can become involved more easily and activists can work together for more creative, effective campaigning.

The site will feature demo reports, news, information on all issues and interviews, recipes and more. With open support of direct action and all forms of animal liberation, WARN aims to strengthen the animal rights movement in the west, playing the role of being a midway contact for national and local groups, as well as doing our own independent projects.

Please contact WARN to be involved! Our first newsletter is out now and so get in touch to receive a copy. For the animals!


Western Animal Rights Network

PO Box 2575, Bristol, BS4 9AR


Tel: 07724077505