The water industry: Sucking the life out of people

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May 8 2004 11:08
The water industry: Sucking the life out of people

Talking to people trying to kick off a campaign against the water companies. Since privatisiation in 89, bills have risen 300%! Here in the South West, after South West Water have implemented their 35% increase, we'll have the highest annual water bills in the country, at around £467.

This is really going to hit our elders, young families, and people like me, the unemployed, really hard. As a statistic, I get £218 a month job seekers. When the (current) price rises are implemented, I'll be forking out a whopping £38 a month, that's almost 18% of my income, for the privilege of staying alive. If you're in receipt of a state pension (based on a single person) you get £318.40 a month, basic. So the monthly water bill will be approx. 11% of your pension.

Going out later to talk to some of our more vocal residents here, and see if we can't get something going, a non-payment drive or summat. People are very pis.... annoyed about this. Is this an issue that others are getting stuck into? Any comments welcome...? (This has been cross-posted to the Class War forum.)