Trident Ploughshares Camp 27th May-1st June 2004.

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May 18 2004 21:53
Trident Ploughshares Camp 27th May-1st June 2004.

Just a short note to announce that Trident Ploughshares is holding its third annual camp in Plymouth, from the 27th May-1st June.

The camp is open to anyone who wants to take non-violent direct action against Trident, although NVDA is not compulsory. There are also non-negotiable ground rules for those wishing to take part, which can be found on the Trident Ploughshares National website. Also, a drug and alcohol ban is in force, so no booze and prescribed medication only please.

Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to check the Trident Ploughshares website for details of the upcoming Devonport Camp, contact details are on the site.

Hope to see some of you in a couple of weeks.