“Exploitation” at Amazon?

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Apr 17 2013 15:09
“Exploitation” at Amazon?

This article might lend some ammo to anyone arguing with people who say things like: we live in a post-industrial society where the working class is disappearing, etc. etc.

“Exploitation” at Amazon?

Critical public opinion gets a whiff of something like that and weighs the pros and cons of technical advances in the market economy

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Feb 27 2014 09:43

Absolutely correct. Mac McClelland did some excellent coverage of this for Mother Jones.


An ensemble of authors also covered this for MJ.


Post-industrial society indeed.

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Feb 27 2014 13:58

Amazon are a disgrace!I purposely refuse on principle to buy from them anymore and registered my protest via email.Their reply was a total denial of oppressive work practises which you would expect from rapacious slavedrivers who's profit margins and stocks are bigger than Swedens GNP!
I had a complaint a year ago about an Amazon Prime payment and the man on the phone purposely gave me a refund for 2 not 1 years.He said he loved giving refunds to customers and I sensed that was his revenge on the company he worked for!