"Anarchist" idiots that supported NATO bombing Libya

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Apr 24 2015 12:15

Dannny, yeah we might be talking past each other because I agree with all of the above points related to Spanish Revolution. We might not agree on how this should be related to Rojava situation I guess.

Anyway, apart from this discussion:I remember Anarchists were very willing to buy more weapons in Spain, problem was that: there were nobody selling them. (so you know you really need to arm the workers otherwise it is just a thought experiment you are having and arming needs guns) I also remember other anarchists calling for international solidarity and open ways to provide weapons.

Well if we look at the situation like that the thing is still an important similarity though: Anarchists (Kurds here) are the only group that has (comparatively) not getting weapons or humanitarian aid between all other reactionary forces fighting (FSA groups, Baas Regime, ISIS). Well one interpretation for this might be this: because they are really revolutionary (according to their own ideology) and true in their intends (and do not budge to imperialists)...

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Apr 24 2015 16:32

stereotypes of a white male misunderstood, and it's still all good, uh