Books on the problem of 'human nature'

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Jan 4 2010 12:52
Books on the problem of 'human nature'

Hello, I would like to know of any books people may know of about the problem of what is often called human nature in the construction or the possibility of the construction of anarchist or communist societies. If you know of any, please post the title and author below, I would greatly appreciate it. Books arguing either case, or simply surveying the arguments, or anything at all on this topic is sought. Many thanks. I hope you have a great day, so please ensure that you do smile

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Jan 4 2010 12:59

"The Ecology of Freedom" - Murray Bookchin might be helpful but isn't solely about 'human nature' per se, taking in a lot of other stuff.

For a Social-Biologist/Darwinist perspective on human nature books by E. O. Wilson would be very useful, particularly "On Human Nature"

Kropotkin touches on the subject in several of his books.

This might be of interest:

Hope it helps.

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Joseph Kay
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Jan 4 2010 13:12

'Moral Sentiments and Material Interests' by Bowles & Gintis et al takes an interesting approach to accounting for the evolution of co-operation, more empirically grounded than Kropotkin.

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Jan 5 2010 10:26

Alfie Kohn's No Contest is not about human nature explicitly but it explores the question on whether competition is natural or generally positive.

Kropotkin's Mutual Aid is very much around this issue as well.

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Jan 6 2010 17:04

Thanks everyone, these books are looking spot on, so I shall be going to the library tomorrow smile

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Jan 6 2010 19:21

Parts of the famous Chomsky - Foucault debate are quite interesting in this respect. Full transcript.