Communication Breakdown. Form and Content.

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Mar 29 2011 17:25
Communication Breakdown. Form and Content.

Is it possible to have a street presence or a demo that communicates revolutionary anarchist ideas without even basic leaflets?

Can a street protest be “pure propaganda of the deed” without attempts at communicating with other workers on the streets, shops and workplaces?
Some of the anarchist organisations had leaflets to distribute on the 26th of March but I’d like to ask if the Militant Workers Bloc consider it unnecessary to produce leaflets for demonstrations?

Maybe it is possible to have a demonstration that perfectly incorporates form and content and so dispenses with any need to communicate ideas through publications?

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Mar 30 2011 16:56

i think completely eliminating the content aspect and going purely with form could be the path out of this conundrum.

for instance, if we always dress in black the proletariat will begin to emulate our garmentry, and by our destructive actions, we can inspire them.

should we even carry flags or banners? (although Crass symbols should perhaps be retained)

tbh they do not even need to know why we are on their demos being angry, just the fact we have sound systems blasting dubstep should do it

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Mar 31 2011 18:17

I wouldn't even joke about it, I'm sure someone would take it seriously.

Reminds me rather of Marinetti, not to mention Mussolini of course.

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Apr 9 2011 21:25

Pouring some content into the form?

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Apr 9 2011 23:04

The medium is the message, innit.