Pro-revolutionaries in academia

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Dec 4 2011 00:16
Pikel wrote:
Oh I'm confused now, what's a middle class idea? I thought we have our libertarian ideas and these are the ones that we fight for.

That was my point. Hence the question about the dangers and how a libertarian organisation could survive. I'd like the scenario, preferably real, spelled out that's all.

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Dec 4 2011 11:20
Railyon wrote : What ARE "middle class ideas and practice" anyway?

maybe the term middle class in not the best to point what the problem is.
the problem is the role that intellectual/managers specialist plays in the reproduction of class relations and its grounding in hierarchy.
intellectual/managers professionnal are middle class, but the problem with them is not in the fact that they ate middle class but with the role they play in reproducing class relations/hierarchy, and/or the ideas justifying it.
proleterian getting in position to play such a role becomes as much a problem as those coming from middle class background (but maybe we can say they are ex-proletarians integrated in the middle class, or at least in the social strata enforcing the command of capital over labor, or justifying it as intellectuals).
the question is not what are the best words to describe this, it is to combat the reproducing of class relations happening inside "revolutionnary" organisations and in the broad "revolutionnary" milieu.