Some questions on the communist mode of production

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Nov 21 2012 00:32
Some questions on the communist mode of production

1) Is global central planning necessary? If so, is it possible for this to be anything other than an immense bureaucracy organised via representative democracy, yet nevertheless dictating downwards, setting productive 'targets', maintaining a delicate global balance of inputs and outputs, etc? If not, what are the alternatives? A global federation of autarkic localist 'communes'? Would these not necessarily exist in trade relations with each other? Would this not reproduce value relations? Would this not also entail a significant decentralization of the means of production, thereby reducing the productivity of labour? Which brings me to...

2) Is communism a more or less advanced industrial society than capitalism? What has the real impact of the ecological thinking of the past few decades been on the classical vision of 'higher communism'? Has the impact even been fully felt yet? To what extent are the anti-civilization people (Jensen, Zerzan, et al.) correct in their claims that it's not only capitalism that's unsustainable, but industrial civilization as such? (I know they actually argue against non-industrial civilization too, but that seems more on 'deep ecological' grounds than scientific grounds of unsustainability.)

3) I'm interested in any theoretical speculation on the transition from capitalism to communism beginning from the point of 'dual power', with class struggle having reached its apex and workers having established a 'counter-power' capable of challenging the state. Any thoughts on this? It's easy enough to visualise the process that leads up to this point, but it's harder to see where it goes from there - and I mean specifically in relation to the above questions, in a global context.


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Nov 22 2012 11:43

Really far too many interelated questions here in one go to get a useful response from anyone.

Perhaps try splitting up your main questions and first doing a search for some of the many previous discussion threads and short library articles dealing with them.

Try some searches around the issue of the transition from capitalism to communism for instance and some of the 'communisation' discussions. There are also seperate discussion threads around the 'anti-civilisation' arguments of Zerzan and others. There not all useful but some are if you have a bit of patience.

Otherwise your important questions might soon get lost in the plethora of other debates.

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Nov 23 2012 01:41

Thanks, I had a look and found some decent discussions.

I'll simplify the three questions anyway though:

1) Is global central planning necessary or are there decentralized alternatives?

2) Is industrial civilization of any kind ecologically unsustainable or just capitalism?

3) What comes after 'dual power'?

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Nov 23 2012 16:15

for 1) it depends what you mean by central planning and what is being planned. If you mean a small group makes a dission that everyon else has to follow then this is not needed, if you just mean coordination, then that is needed for all kinds of things, but not everything.

2) I cant see any reason why industrial civilization should be unsustainable.

3) why are you talking about dual power? i don't think it is posible.