WTF is capitalism???

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peter mcgrath
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Jan 24 2009 22:40

The simplist definition of capitalism that of an economic system characterised by the following mode of exchange:

Money - Commodity - Money

In other words, investment in the production and sale of commodities for the purpose of capital accumulation, which can only be achieved by increasing the exchange value of a commodity beyond what it costs to produce.

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Jan 31 2009 13:43

I think it's a stretch to assume Paz is trolling, and possibly a tactic to scare him away from here.

My impression is that his posts are made of an attempt to be completely earnest combined with his being incredibly dense. And furthermore, his posts aren't even close to clever trolling (the situs were comedic masters at pre-internet trolling for instance). I don't see how they could possibly live up to any respectable idea of trolling. So even if he were actually attempting to troll, the result is just embarrassing and talentless...