Arshinov's History of the Makhnovist Movement

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Sep 21 2004 16:01
Arshinov's History of the Makhnovist Movement

I’ve just finished reading this – it was pretty amazing.

One thing I was wondering though, I mean it was pretty heartbreaking to read about the Red Army seizing all Arshinov’s source material like papers, posters, leaflets and the like, and so I was wondering if any of it was factually in doubt.

I know he mentions that the Makhnovists’ actions were mentioned in Bolshevik papers, White papers and also internal documents from both sides (inc. the Cheka), and so I just wanted to know if it has all been verified since. And what about now with the fall of the Iron Curtain? Has more evidence come to light?

Did any other participants write memoirs or anything?

Any info appreciated


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Sep 22 2004 17:27

You could try the Nestor Makhno archive:

'The Unknown Revolution' by Voline is well worth reading, though he fell out with Makhno and Arshinov.