Cleaver:some help please

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Feb 6 2005 14:59
Cleaver:some help please

can anyone translate this for us:

'In chapter 12, on the concept of relative surplus value, we discover how capital is driven by the struggles of the working class (to shorten the working day etc) to raise the productivity of useful labour through the substitution of the means of production for labour power'

-What does he mean in substituting means of production for labour power, whats useful labour? Labour that produces profits?


'by raising the productivity of the useful labour that produces the measn of subsistence, capital reduces the value of commodities the working class receives to reproduce itself. If the values of the means of subsistence fall, then capital can pay workers less value than before and yet they will still receive as many (or even more) use-values. If the amount of variable capital that must be invested in labour-power can be reduced in this fashion, at the same time that the total amount of work and hence value remains the same, then the relative share of that value which capital receives as surplus will rise'

-Is he just trying to say that if the worker can be made to produce more for less then the costs of his subsistence will increase while at the same time profits increase? What does this mean in practice? A transalation into english would be welcomed!