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Mar 21 2004 21:26
Kalashnikov_Blues wrote:
What would define "commitment"?

Im not being rude, I'm just curious as to what you would view as that.

Like I assume, you voted Labour or whatever in the past... were you commited to the Labour scene?

And if so how do the 2 scenes differ in what you would have to do to "commit"?

I'm askin totally outta curiousity, not aggresively. grin

Well, to be honest my 'politics' up until the war with Iraq consisted of argueing with workmates and voting against the Conservatives.

I'm at a crossroads in my life, disillusioned with all current political options. I either forget about politics altogether or I find a cause I can really get behind, one where I can vent my anger against the establishment and become truely politically motivated. There must be thousands like me out there looking for an alternative to the mainstream.

An example, last week my friend and I had a drunken conversation and he is so disillusioned with life he stated "if an armed uprising ever sprang up and marched on parliament I'd be there like a shot!" (or something like that). He never even considered 'who' this armed uprising would be led by. I found that both exhilerating and scary at the same time, that by best friend had such radical thoughts and I never even realised!