Prison Industry, Drug and Gun Trafficking Resources

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Aug 28 2004 11:10
Prison Industry, Drug and Gun Trafficking Resources


I'm trying to write an article about links between Drug and Gun Trafficking and Prison industries. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any books, websites, articles, documentaries, groups etc. I would prefer things with a British slant but ANYTHING will be most appreciated. The things in particular would be:

- Drug Trade/War on Drugs; ruling class involvement in drug trafficking

- Gun Trade; ruling class involvement in trafficking guns to working class areas i.e. "Ain't no Uzis made in Harlem!"

- Prison Industry; Prison labour, private prisons

Cheers in advance

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Aug 29 2004 23:42

well, i expect you've already checked, but just encase there's the campaign against prison slavery website, in particular the prison slavery section:, the companies section, and the wilkinson section there's also more general stuff in the prison section accessible on the menu bar to the left. the prison activist resource center also probably has a load of resources, but i can't remember the address.