4th Working Class Bookfair June 13th 2009, Sunderland

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Apr 8 2009 10:01
4th Working Class Bookfair June 13th 2009, Sunderland

Working Class Bookfair
Saturday 11-4pm
June 13th 2009
Museum Vaults
33 Silksworth Row, Sunderland
Books, barbecue, drinks
For details and a stall call 07931301901

Local and general history, Environment, football and other sport, culture, railways, mining, fiction, social science, economics, anarchism, socialism, Marxism, trade unions, and more remembering the 25th anniversary of Orgreave

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May 18 2009 16:58

What did Mao say about books, wasn't it 'some read too many books more than necessary'?

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May 18 2009 19:28

Mao glorified ignorance because he wanted to lead cattle.

"To read too many books is harmful."

while looking for that quote I found this:

Mao wrote:
Not very many people were killed in the two World Wars, 10 million in the first and 20 million in the second, but we had 40 million killed in one war. So, how destructive were the big swords! We have no experience in atomic war. So, how many will be killed cannot be known. The best outcome may be that only half of the population is left and the second best may be only one-third. When 900 million are left out of 2.9 billion, several five-year plans can be developed for the total elimination of capitalism and for permanent peace. It is not a bad thing.

(Mao's Second Speech to the Party Congress, May 17, 1958)

2 billion dead... not a bad thing grin

Anyway, sorry for the irrelevant quotes on a thread about a bookfair...