Anti-copyright thinktank, anyone interested?

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May 29 2009 10:24
Anti-copyright thinktank, anyone interested?

One of the main things I'm interested is digital property. What copyright actually does, what it means to the consumer, the effect on art itself, and the restrictiveness of propriety, closed source.

Piracy is a massive issue at the minute, what with the mass proliferation of torrenting, P2P on a scale unseen before, and the criminalisation of torrent sites, releasers and even seeders.

Barring a few exceptions, there isn't a great deal of libertarian theory on the subject. This is a system built on mutual aid, lets not forget. There's a handful of gobshite Pirate Parties with singular issues, one of which will be eligible for the EU elections. Many think reformed capitalism that paradoxically accepts piracy is the answer.

As one is about to be active in this country, I'm wanting to get a anti-copyright thinktank set up, like the Piracy Bureau in Sweden, foster some discussion with those involved with anti-copyright; open source devs, hackers, torrent sites, uploaders, downloaders, demosceners, warez groups, chiptune folk for drunken parties etc etc, promote file sharing and help develop critical theory on copyright.

So if anyone is interested, or knows anyone involved with anything of the like, let me know.