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Grey Goose
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Jan 22 2012 21:52

Nice one plasmatelly, that's the most constructive thing anyone has said to me by far and is exactly what I intend on doing. And radicalgraffiti, I was Grey Goose way before that brand of fake shitty French vodka even existed. + I was never calling no one pussies (which is not a gendered insult, derived from "pussy cat" as far as I'm aware) just callin certain man out init. Peace.

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Feb 4 2017 16:41

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for meeting points/initiatives in South-West London. Any suggestion? Thanks

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Nov 1 2017 10:24

Hi Hajar, I am too, is there a way to connect? Brand new member here, longtime leftie, feeling my way to an anarchist position, quite socially isolated for various complicated reasons, little bit intimidated by the sectarianism and aggression I'm seeing already, naturally drawn to bonding with thoughtful, rational types, (yes i realise 'rational' can be problematic)

Mike Harman
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Nov 1 2017 12:56

Depending on where you are in South West London, there's the following groups that might not be too far:

Workers Wild West - not south but very west.

South London Solfed:

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (south but not very west):

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Nov 1 2017 22:28

Not sure whether its been mentioned before but SPGB 4 storey head office is on claph high street, the centre of south west London and every member of the public visiting would be welcome,

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Nov 3 2017 07:54

RAG birmingham is currently working on federating our own groups in london and elesewhere and we are keen to talk to any other groups in london or around the nation who are looking to help build a revolutionary anarchist network.
we are also in the planning stage of the first radical book fair in birmingham among other activities we are a very active group and we have just within the last month completed the gruelling process of establishing our working principles for revolutionary activities and our strategy for same.

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Nov 7 2017 15:21

Thanks, will check these out