Help and Advice - Immigration Awareness

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Jun 23 2013 18:53
Help and Advice - Immigration Awareness

Hi all
I'm new here. Here's the thing. I live in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. I have a bit of time on my hands. If I hear another person around abouts (Scunthorpe and Lincolnshire in general) blaming immigrants for our current troubles, I'll literally 'scream' (a la John Holloway). It feels a bit of a political backwater (a backwater altogether perhaps) does Lincolnshire. I'm up for a bit of consciousness raising. By either a) making contact with any likeminded comrades, or b) going it alone and seeing where it takes me. The goal, at least at first, is some myth-busting on immigration, raising awareness of the necessityof a multi-ethnic communities. I thought about adressing the ridiculousness that is 'nationhood' too, although I grant that that might be a bit too much a bit too soon. I'm of an anarchistic, autonomist tendency, not given to Party politics, but would welcome with gratidute any offers of help and advice from Comrades of all 'faiths'. Where do I start? What's good info to take out there? It really needs addressing here. The sense of isolation can be quite tricky - I feel that I'm having to challenge (in a respectful way so far) folks on a daily basis for their off the cuff comments declaiiming people they really know nothing about. Hope you can help me.
PS - I'm white, male; if the attitude I describe here p****s me off, how those of different ethnicities must be feeling I can only begin to imagine.