Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair 2021

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Sep 23 2021 17:04

Well I was going to reply but it seems that after making his baseless claim that we spent all day complaining about the bookfair organisers Rob Ray has decided this thread is not for him. So I guess we'll never know why he decided to do that or how exactly not being allowed to have a stall or have any of our literature on other people's stalls isn't the same as being banned.

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Oct 1 2021 15:22

For those in the greater manchester area there is also a late afternoon gathering of the Angry Workers Group the following Sunday 7th November. See libcom announcements thread.

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Oct 2 2021 09:19

For a critique of the milieu in the UK and elsewhere in the Anglo world which gives rise to these
bizarre left sub cultural jamboree phenomena certain to alienate militant workers outside the leftist milieu such as at the above so called anarchist London Book Fair and a way forward out of this 'morass' to the revolutionary project. See Review of "A Beautiful Idea: History of the Freedom Press Anarchists" in RW Vol. 37 No.2 (225) Aug. - Sept. 2019 in archive section of and on Anarchist Info Shop and

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Oct 2 2021 14:35

Looks like the CWO-ICT will also have a stall at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair.