Printers Strike Music Cassette

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Jul 13 2011 19:43
Printers Strike Music Cassette

Hey ya - My dad was a printer who was sacked by Murdoch in 86 - I was on the picket line with him on many nights and I vividly remember a tape that was produced with music (protest Type) that was sold to raise funds. I am desperately trying to locate a copy - ideally on mp3 format but I havent heard anyone other than people involved in the strike who have ever even heard of it let alone know where I can get one in any form.

If anyone can help me I would be enternally grateful.

Thank you in advance if you can help. I know it is highly unlikely anyone has a copy and even more unlikely that anyone has converted it to MP3 and put it on the net but it would really make me and more importantly my old dad very happy if one could be located.

Dave Pollard