PT companion in Birmingham appreciates relief :)

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Nov 17 2012 11:00
PT companion in Birmingham appreciates relief :)

Hi, dear folks,

I'm a Portuguese anarchist companion, active in the PT anarchist movement for almost 2 decades now.
Due to the (as you may know) absurd austerity measures and f-scist govt we're having there, utter lack of work, living conditions, even misery and hunger...I had to, sadly, leave my country behind.

I'm a quiet, peaceful, introverted but very amicable ancient woman (35). I'm in Brum for a month now, and look forward to join the local anarchist community, hoping to be as useful and active as possible. I'm a good and dedicated cooperator and totally make my skills available to help. So, feel free to send me an invite for a meeting or for coffee and chat in town or to join this or that action/workgroup - readily available to be useful.

My trouble is - been staying at a friend's for good will, and also looking for jobs. My funds are very limited and haven't had any success on the jobhunt. So - whoever can PM me offering any kind of support, regarding temporary goodwill housing (in exchange, I offer skills, language teaching, philosophical debate, knowledge sharing, vegan/vegetarian cooking, cleaning, looking over your dog/cat/birdy/fish etc), and/or "direct action" to put me working somewhere, no matter how menial, in order to be able to survive, I'm MOST GRATEFUL.

It's one of the things I've done all my life in PT - help out companions in distress with a temp roof and a plate of food and whatever I could, then, dispense. If one here is able to be so kind for me, I gladly appreciate, really.

Thanks for your attention and be well all,
Looking fwd to hear from you.