Ray Gosling to talk at Sparrows' Nest - The Nottingham Spirit - Saturday 13th June 2009

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May 24 2009 16:35
Ray Gosling to talk at Sparrows' Nest - The Nottingham Spirit - Saturday 13th June 2009

The Nottingham Spirit. Yesterday – today – and for our tomorrows.

Broadcaster, activist, author, journalist, free spirit and Nottingham aficionado, Ray Gosling, will talk at the Sparrows’ Nest, St Anns, on Saturday, June 13th, at 7.30 pm.

To book a free place and get address/directions, please phone 07913 720136 or e-mail: infoATthesparrowsnest.org.uk . Even if you have been to the Nest before please reply so we can gauge numbers of chairs, teabags etc.

Ray Gosling is author of, amongst others, “Robin Hood Rides Again - a rebel scene” in “Anarchy 38” (1964); Sum Total, Faber, (1962); Saint Ann's, Nottingham Civic Society (1967); Personal Copy: A memoir of the sixties, Faber (1980). We are delighted that he is coming to talk with us, and are reminded that Nottingham has always had a strong radical tradition.

The Sparrows' Nest was established by the Anarchist Federation’s Nottingham group with the involvement of other class struggle anarchists. It is a ‘Centre for Anarchist Culture and Education’, in a house, in St. Ann’s. The Library and Archive is our major project. We set it up to inform people about the ideology and history of Anarchism in its many forms, and about working class struggles in our region.

"Last time it was done by an elite, who did it by stealth ... This time it has to be done by us, brothers and sisters". (Ray Gosling, CHE rally,1975)


e-mail: infoATthesparrowsnest.org.uk
Homepage: http://www.thesparrowsnest.org.uk/