Stuff going on in London

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Jul 3 2013 21:31
Stuff going on in London

In London there is quite a lot of activity, despite being smaller in nature and atomised I saw a picket line of homeless charity workers in New Cross the other day, in Finsbury Park and Islington there's been Turkish processions of immigrant workers who've had enough of being exploited, there's been huge protests in Brighton close to where I live now and there's been a huge presence in central London, particularly the Camden areas.

In Woolwich where I was staying, obviously a lot of stuff has gone on, I was living there when the 'events' took place that did and witnessed first hand the rise in disgusting racist behaviour and the attempted attack on the mosque (well I heard the shouting anyway). The insanity caused by this single event is far-reaching and has really damaged a lot of people's mentalities. Call me paranoid but it looks really weird - I know Woolwich and it seems really weird how no one stepped in to stop the attacker, except for a single woman, Woolwich is known for having quite a community and it's just not like people there not to step in to try and physically prevent the attacker from killing that soldier. It's all wrong and insane and I'm genuinely convinced that some agency (I don't know who) has gone to work to fix this up - anti-immigrant sentiment was at it's WORST EVER level in Woolwich before this happened - anyone who lived there during the time would've known that, it was painfully obvious.. this is exactly the kind of thing that would make the place erupt. It has also really gone downhill from the place it once was, a lot of people are very poor there now and it used to be known for being a 'better-off' slice of the London cake.

There's a huge police, ticket inspector, security guard etc presence on most kinds of transport at the moment too, it's really over the top and they're acting very strangely too.

I've lived all over London now and can report that it's like that everywhere - even far out in the suburbs in Hayes, West's insane in Finsbury Park how it's reverted back to how it was in the 90's... and it was like that in Wembley and Brent too. Although Wembley is the ,most Indian part of London I've stayed in so far, even more-so than Upton Park, West Ham and East Ham combined! Nice in a way though..