Is the WMA phone number still broken?

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Sep 9 2004 18:33
Is the WMA phone number still broken?

Wanted to put a contact number on the publicity leaflets for Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre, Kidda suggested the WMA number (as on the WMA website) cos she didn't want her number publicised so widely, but on the website it still says:

Telephone: 07866 933927

(currently unavailable as the phone is broken, should be fixed in the next few weeks)

(when calling, leave your name, number and why you're calling, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours)

so does anyone know whether the phone is still broken, and whether it's any good to use for a contact number (ie, will anyone answer it)?

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Sep 10 2004 17:27

it wasnt broken it was ''misplaced''

has now been found