Minutes (11/08/2006)

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Minutes (11/08/2006)

Treasurer's Report:
J has taken up the position, and now has the money (£25).

Social Centre:
- Could someone please add the Social Centre website to the WMA website's links?

Film Screenings
- decided to hold a first WMA film screening on Friday 25th of August (after the
usual WMA meeting, which will therefore need to be a bit earlier). So, meeting
at 6pm, film at 7.30pm.
- We will be screening 'Land & Freedom'.
- Indymedia (A) will provide a projector.
- B will design a promotional leaflet and email it round the list.
- Then proposed that we leaflet the area around the social centre. Wednesday
23rd, meeting at the Bull at 5.30 was suggested, but that can be flexible
depending on when people are available.
- Also, suggested we leaflet Cafe 1, etc. And advertise on Indymedia and email
- Pamphlets on Spanish Civil War also need to be sorted. I would like to
recommend "A New World in Their Hearts"
- Printing of both leaflets and pamphlets needs to be sorted. Volunteers will
be reimbursed from WMA funds.

Future Films:
- Le Hen (sp?), about riots in France in early 90s, was suggested.
- Films that can relate to present day would be particularly welcome -

- R to send an inquiry round Solfed email searching for volunteers.
- N (of Northampton) willing to do one late September.

Email List Moderation:
- P raised the issue of how much power is given to the moderator of wmainternal
list, and asked for some sort of decision on what is and is not appropriate for
the list.

Black Star:
- Need to sort out how it will be produced in future.
- Postponed until there are more people at a meeting.


Next Meeting:
- suggested some sort of discussion of Lebanon/Middle East. Possibly produce an
anti-Israel and anti-Hezbollah leaflet ready for the next 'pro-Lebanon' demo.