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Minutes 24/02/06

-Birmingham Black Star-Articles/date of next issue?

The new newsletter is to be called Birmingham Black Star or just Black Star, the newsletter of West Midlands Anarchists, the emphasis is to be on local, working class direct action and resistance.

-Stalls-Any news on the sympathetic band front? Date for next stall, material?

Venue and date decided for next stall. We need to stock up on some of the AF’s Anti-ID pamphlets if possible and get that anti-recruitment leaflet sorted for this Friday. Going to see if we can set up a ‘sale or return’ deal with Active for pamphlets/books etc. Stickers in production.

-Posters/literature-Are we going to concentrate on anti-fascist/anti-BNP based posters for the time being? Designs/content?

We need to get working on a class based critique of the far-right, concentrating on the BNP’s main policies of anti-immigration, anti-social behaviour etc and linking it into a general critique of parliamentary democracy. Ideally this has to be something that will we can give out door to door i.e. in pamphlet form.

-Anti-recruitment leafleting-When + Where?

The anti-recruitment leaflet looks almost ready, we now need to find out where the army are having stalls in the near future. Suggestion to distribute in job centres, recruitment offices etc. Date decided for leafleting.

-May Day

As part of the May Day celebrations there will be a WMA stall at the Carr’s Lane Church event on April 29th.