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Minutes 27-01-06

-Brum-Brum articles-DCH article, write up on FNB, talk of doing an article on the Incapacity Benefit reforms and sending it to claimants unions or distributing to Benefits resource centres. A ‘Blag the Reforms’ guide? Suggestion to do a series of ‘Blag the…..’ pamphlets, with useful info on bailiffs, employment rights, squatters rights etc. Reproduce some ‘introduction to anarchism’ and other basic introduction guides.

-Posters/stickers-To be printed off once the contact details have been confirmed.

-Leafleting of army recruitment offices in Brum-Suggestion to don army fatigues and hand out anti-recruitment pamphlets at events/areas where the army are recruiting.

-Defend Council Housing-Demo 8th Feb-Call out to be sent out again. Call for everyone interested to get together before the demo to sort transport etc.

-Fundraising-Donations, Socials, t-shirt sales? The idea of voluntary donations preferred to set subsidies.

Incapacity Benefit reforms-Demo, Sheffield, 4th Feb. Sheffield Welfare Action Group (SWAG) are calling for nationwide protests on the same day. New reforms to make claiming incapacity benefits a harder and more drawn out process, seen as an attempt to cut benefit costs and provide more cheap labour-Going to see how this unfolds as its set to come up against considerable resistance, put together a guide to blagging the reforms leaflet.

With regard the student who wants to do a few interviews for an assignment, people would be interested but would want to know more about the nature of the assignment first.

Next meeting-Friday 10th February, 7pm, same venue. Can we have Brum-Brum (and a new title), posters and stickers sorted for then.

Also decided to have a regular update on prisoner support, Food not Bombs and other activities as standard on every future agenda.