Moderating your own forum

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Jan 16 2004 12:20
Moderating your own forum

Alright all,

you should really be in charge of moderating your own forum, so if you like your collective can elect someone to do this. When you've picked someone just let us know and we'll hand over mod powers.

What you could do is create a login with your group's name and use that as the moderator.

The board admins will still be able to step in if there's some blatant trolling/fascist shite or whatever if you haven't noticed it.

Moderating's really easy, and we're here to help if you get any problems.

Hope you enjoy using the forums!

And happy new year from the enrager crew black bloc

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Jan 16 2004 16:21

cool, we'll raise it at the next meeting. it'll help when people inadvertently reveal each other's identity (no one must know that we're really all shape shifting lizards, remember?).

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Jan 16 2004 22:48

Why dont we just have a joint account? Mr. T < ---He's Back