Prisoner support needed

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Jul 3 2004 19:15
Prisoner support needed
During our recent demos outside RMC offices in Rugby, we have come across a man on hunger strike on the steps of the Town Hall. Despite being homeless, Dave Edwards has for several years been campaigning in Rugby, against the council re issues of health and safety, corruption etc. which has brought him into conflict with the police/courts on many occasions.

An Interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order was placed on Dave, re his complaints(for which he got no response or lies) to councillors/council employees in the town. This order prevents him intimidating/threatening them etc pending his appearence in court for a full ASBO hearing(scheduled for later this year).

Due to the councils reluctance to tackle RMC about their efforts to burn tyres, hazardous waste and animal carcasses for fuel(and pump out toxic chemicals) at their huge plant in Rugby, Dave has himself taken out a Judicial Review against RMC. An attempt to stop them proffitting whilst the whole town suffers from the inevitable health problems.

17 days ago, Dave started a hunger strike outside the Town Hall in order to highlight the violation of his human rights and get some media coverage for the cause. Dave was arrested after a few days into the strike under The Vagrancy Act 1824 but magistrates decided it was not in the public interest for the case to continue so Dave resumed his position on the council steps. Last Thursday(24 June), Dave was again arrested and charged with breaching his interim ASBO by causing alarm and distress to an ex-councillor. Since then, he has been held on remand at Blakenhurst Prison in Redditch, where he remains on hunger strike.

Dave would really appreciate letters of support to keep his spirits up. Please write to Dave at:

David Edwards LJ8405

HMP Blakenhurst

Hewell Lane



B97 6QS

If you would like to read more about Dave and his campaigns please see Daves own forum on Rugbys alternative website and go into `community`.

Dave also has a website here