WMA Meeting Minutes - 30 / 5 / 2004

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Jun 2 2004 15:26
WMA Meeting Minutes - 30 / 5 / 2004

Note: if this at times seems bitter, i mean it as a joke in a light hearted way. thought i'd better say, as it can't always be picked up online...

Present: F, GT, J, Kidda, DOD, rl. Apologies: WTY.

· Contact: The phone will be brought to the next meeting for us to sort it out. Kidda will contact people who have contacted us so far and arrange a meeting with them as soon as possible. From now on, if new people contact us, we will arrange a meeting with them and at least two of us (depending on who's available) as soon as possible, to check that they're not dodgy, and to fill them in on what we're doing etc. so that they are not lost and bored when they go to their first proper meeting. Kidda and WTY to sort out between themselves who's doing what with the email. The email list on Yahoo! is ONLY to be used by people who have come to a proper meeting, not just new people who get in touch.

· Stalls: We will be doing a stall at the Leamington Spa Peace Festival on the 20th of June. J will find out if we can do one at the Moseley festival. F will find out about us doing stalls at some gigs. The two festivals need to be added to the tour dates on the website.

It was agreed (I think, people we mumbling and chatting at this point, so if you don't agree say so at the next meeting) that we should be doing stalls near where each of us lives to try and get hold of a few interested people to form small local groups to work on stuff and spread propaganda nearby, rather

than us all trying to tackle the whole of the West Midlands at once. Even if there's only two people in each area, that should make doing stuff locally a little easier, and if nothing else, means if one person from an area can't come to a meeting, then they can pass what they want to say to the whole WMA on

to someone else nearby who is going.

· Debt resistance: apparently several groups nationally are targeting BrightHouse now, so we may be able to do a decent action with some of them, Kidda will contact them. We need to re-write our leaflet or write a new one so that it does not just focus on the one company but on general debt resistance. It was agreed (though again, people were mumbling and talking over the top, so if you didn't it's your own fault tongue) that on stalls we should have a contact list for people interested in joining a debt resistance network to sign up to, with a donations column. Donations should only be used for the anti-debt campaign. Once we have a reasonable amount of people we can call a meeting and hopefully get things started from there.

· Brum Brum: GT will put it on the website ASAP. There is a deadline of the 16th of June for article to be put in. Send them to wmanarchists@email.com. So far, Kidda is writing something about circuses, F is writing something about RESPECT, J and GT are doing film reviews, and there will be a big summary of the various political parties like in Stroudie no.2 (ask GT if you don't know what this is).

· Anti-fash: We're to contact the new Antifa group.

· Indymedia: There is an Indymedia Birmingham meeting this coming Thursday (the 3rd), contact J to find out when and where unless he's already said he'll contact you. They're organising a sleepover in the park on the 20th, so we might join them. On Thursday we should ask them to come on the Wilko's action this Saturday (see below).

· Squat: We need to squat somewhere in July for the AYN National Gathering for practice at squatting, Kidda will contact a Womble to come up and chat about squatting, GT will contact MAY about them helping us.

· Wilko's: when WTY and GT did the Day of Action against Wilko's, we got some shit from the Sutton Coldfield one, so we're doing a big group picket this Saturday (the 5th).

· Prisoner Support: GT now has a big folder of info on political prisoners around the world, if anyone wants to write to one ask him for details. Also, if anyone is artistically inclined, they can make a nice card and bring it along to a meeting for us all to sign, GT started this with a card for Eric Wildcat Hall, an American activist in prison for 35 to 75 years for helping to ship arms to indigenous peoples in South America.

· Ladyfest: This is a cool radical feminist music, arts and activism festival in Birmingham on the 9th to 12th of July, GT has contacted them once and not received a reply. He will try again, to see if we can get a stall there, and also a meeting, for which we could try to get an anarcha-feminist from London or somewhere.

· Reclaim Open Spaces: this will be discussed after the festivals.

Remember, meet 12 noon, Saturday the 5th of June at New Street Station for the Wilkinson's action.