Class War "bashing the rich"

A quite disgusting extract from Class War's book "a decade of disorder" showing a punk punching a man in the face with a condom filled with faeces seemingly for the crime of wearing a suit.

2011 addition: it turns out that these photos were actually taken as a joke by the band Chumbawamba to see if Class War would actually publish them as something good - they did.

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Aug 6 2009 16:29


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May 8 2011 20:07

lol, if he was rich who cares

May 8 2011 21:01
AnarchistCalledJoe wrote:
lol, if he was rich who cares

do you think everyone who wears a suit is "rich"?

I have done temp jobs on £6 an hour where I have had to wear a suit

[Edited, because I initially put £7, then I remembered it was actually 6!]

May 8 2011 21:12

Where does it say it was just because he was wearing a suit?

May 8 2011 21:52
888 wrote:
Where does it say it was just because he was wearing a suit?

er well the fact that they were attacked for being 'rich bastards', and we are given no indication about their background or information about how they are rich and bastards, strongly infers in my mind that they are proposing that suits are always a symbol of wealth, hence that is the reason they were attacked.

its pretty dumb of cw to print this without even asking for a bit more info on the 'rich bastards'