Images from revolutionary workplace group Uprise!

Living wage

Images of buttons, stickers and one sheet publications by the revolutionary workplace group Uprise!, which was active in 2002-2003.

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Juan Conatz
Jan 24 2012 05:38


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Juan Conatz
Jan 24 2012 05:40

Been having trouble uploading these images. I see them as uploaded, but they won't show up...

Jan 24 2012 12:54

I have no idea. All the ones that don't show up have () in the file names, maybe change one of those and see if it makes any difference?

Juan Conatz
Jan 25 2012 05:18

It was wither the () or the #, but got it figured it out now.

Jan 25 2012 10:11

Yeah, nice one. There is a bit of a bug with the image uploading, where punctuation or spaces in the filenames break it.

By the way, our tag "shipping" is for ships, distribution is the tag for workers who distribute things

Juan Conatz
Feb 7 2012 06:28

Took the 'postal service' tag off. This was a workplace group at UPS, which is not part of USPS.