Scottish libertarian socialism in pictures

Gallery of photographs relating to workers' struggles and the anarchist movement in Scotland.

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T La Palli
Apr 30 2011 12:41



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May 28 2013 10:39

I think it worth pointing out that the May Day picture is not from 1962, it’s from a later May Day demo 1963 or more likely 1964. If it was 1964, I was there, and remember the lad carrying the poster, ‘Vote for Guy Fawkes’, he was known to me as ‘Wee Larry’ and he was around the peace/anarchist movement for a number of years (he was very proud of the poster as he’d made it!).

In the Kate Sharpley Library there is another photo for the same May Day (also from 1962?) showing S.C. and comrades sitting in Queens Park watching the speeches (note the empty seats).

In case of any doubts about my dates look at the Scottish Screen Archive site, May Day Demonstration - ref # 3213 there are two videos of the 1962 Gaitskell demo. Wee Larry is clearly visible (several times) carrying a poster saying, ‘It’s Not Too Late Hugh’. Also, there were so many people in the park it was standing room only!

Wee Larry is also on a video of a Holy Loch demo 'Demonstration Against Polaris Base 1963' (01:33), as is the same Glasgow Anarchist banner (01:12).

Edit #2
Stuart Christie in his book, 'My Granny Made Me An Anarchist', states 1964 as the date of the May Day photo (page 145). So this coincides with my memory. tongue