Tatty the Rat

Archive of Tatty the Rat, a short-lived comic strip that ran in the Anarchist Communist Federation's paper Liberation, dealing with issues like the Broadwater Farm riot and 1987 general election. Credited to Arthur Mix.

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R Totale
Mar 1 2020 18:52


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Serge Forward
Mar 2 2020 13:43

Top notch artwork, though the politics were a bit all over the place. Still, it wasn't meant to be serious analysis. I wonder what happened to "Arthur Mix"???

Sep 30 2021 17:13

He was a comrade from Luton.

Serge Forward
Sep 30 2021 19:31

Aye, he was a nice lad. Didn't he join CW?

Oct 1 2021 08:04

yeah, think so.