1974: Cedar Rapids Strike Continues

1974: Cedar Rapids Strike Continues

Description of a Cedar Rapids, Iowa hotel strike in 1974. From Free Flowing (December 1974 Volume 2 Number 1).

The strike at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Cedar Rapids continues. It began when Robert Cook, the manager, decided to fight the workers' union, local 497 of the Hotel & Restaurant Employees & Bartenders International Union (AFL-CIO). The strike has been in effect since Aug 1.

Wednesday, Dec. 11 a hearing was held in the district court to decide whether to implement a temporary injunction against the number of pickets. The judge, Clinton Schaeffer will rule soon on the hearing.

Last Saturday was the most recent major picketing. There were about 100 people present. Other National unions showing their solidarity have supported the strikes; they include other AFL-CIO affiliates, plus the United Auto Workers & the Teamsters Union. Support has come from workers at Universal Engineering, Wilson Meat Packing, Collins Radio, and Link-Belt Speeder.

According to Bob Carson, executive secretary of the union, the hotel has brought scabs (strikebreakers) in to work. The scabs get through the picket line by driving into a parking ramp. Several picketing workers have been hit by cars and one had his foot run over.

Optimism is high on the picket line, however. There is a feeling that they are being successful (business is down, cutting into production) and that soon they will be back on the job.

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