Anti-Jewish trends in French revolutionary syndicalism

Edmund Silberner on antisemitism among some key figures of the syndicalist movement in France.

Originally appeared in Jewish Social Studies, Vol. 15, No. 3/4 (Jul. - Oct., 1953)

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Sep 9 2012 14:16

Thanks for the article. I've seen it previously mentioned in other places.

The author seems to have a penchant for finding anti-semitism on the Left (see his list of other articles), At some point I'd like to fact check some of the stuff on Pataud.

I know the CGT published a Yiddish-langugae newspaper for East European yiddish speaking immigrants. As with racism, there's prolly no doubt that anti-semitism existed within the french working class at some level.. The question here, s it accurate to say that the CGT, as revolutionary workers organization, was anti-Semitic? Def, would like to do some more research.

Juan Conatz
Sep 9 2012 20:14

I don't think he says the CGT as an organization was antisemitic, but says there was key figures that were. He also makes clear that there were those that disagreed with these statements and by some of these people's sketchy ties to reactionary groups. And that revolutionary syndicalism wasn't/isn't immune to this plague. That's what I got from it, anyway.

Sep 9 2012 20:24
And that [French]revolutionary syndicalism wasn't/isn't immune to this plague

Yes, I agree and didn't quite put it righ in my commentt. I guess what I'd like to fact check is the stuff about Pataud. Sorel, I just don't count him in the mix. I also get the impression that the author made it his busness to find anti-semitism on the left (see his personal biblio.).

Again, thanks for the psoting, cause it was an article I wanted to read for long time.