Dubovsky, Rosa (18?-1972) nee Chanovsky

A short biography of Rosa Dubovsky, active in the anarchist movements in Russia and Argentina

Rosa Chanovsky came from a Jewish family in Tsarist Russia, and entered the anarchist movement there. Her husband Adolf Dubovsky(later known in Argentina as Adolfo) was conscripted into the Russian Army and during the 1905 Revolution turned over an arms arsenal to the revolutionaries. Together with her husband Rosa fled to Turkey. From there Rosa moved to France and her husband to Buenos Aires. In 1907, they met up again in the industrial city of Rosario in Argentina. There she worked as a hatmaker, whilst Adolfo got a job working on the railways. He was active within the anarcho-syndicalist organisation FORA-Federación Obrera Regional Argentina whilst Rosa was involved in the organisation of anarchist women’s groups. She set up the Emma Goldman anarchist library specifically for women, and helped organised women match factory workers. With the military coup of 1930, Adolfo and their six children had to escape to Buenos Aires. Adolfo died in 1936. Rosa began working making straw mats and in the upholstery industry.She was active in the FORA and in the specific anarchist organisation the Federación Libertaria Argentina up to her death in 1972. Her daughter Sara was also active within the anarchist movement.



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