Dynamite: the story of class violence in America - Louis Adamic

Illustration of the 1877 railroad strike

Complete PDF of Louis Adamic's superb history of class violence in the US. It traces the origins of gangsterism and racketeering in unions in the 1930s to its roots in workers needing to defend themselves from the armed violence of the state and bosses' thugs.

This scanned version is the first edition from the 1930s. We heartily recommend you buy an up-to-date edition:

Dynamite-Louis-Adamic.pdf4.42 MB

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May 23 2014 18:22


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May 23 2014 19:26

Well it's about time this hit the library. Thanks "Anonymous"! grin

May 23 2014 22:18

This book is amazing, highly recommended read. I didn't realise AK had republished it, good stuff.