the feudalism thing

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the feudalism thing

is feudalism become so totally out?

I began making some preliminary analysis over the demeriting confusion in a broad subject which is based in the class analysis on the left. And what it really boils down to is a few normal relationships. They ain't natural. So here is the quotation I'm struggling with, if you can help I am open to discussion. I can't pretend that I have all the time in the world to be doing this sort of thing, by any measure...

Feudalism traditionally emerges as a result of the decentralization of an empire. This was particularly the case within the Japanese and Carolingian (European) empires which both lacked the bureaucratic infrastructure necessary to support cavalry without the ability to allocate land to these mounted troops. Mounted soldiers began to secure a system of hereditary rule over their allocated land and their power over the territory came to encompass the social, political, judicial, and economic spheres as well.

These acquired powers significantly reduced the presence of centralized power in these empires. Only when the infrastructure existed to maintain centralized power - as with the European monarchies - did Feudalism begin to yield to this new organized power and eventually disappear.
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Well, that's as far as I got but I don't agree with everything that is said about it. Forget Marx for a minute please. And let's try not to worry about Bakunin as well I think we realise what it does mean to be treated by mean folk after a fashion that we could not have recognised insofar as the aims were determined by the power relations that made us stop work, down tools, sit down, strike, occupy, and get our protest out in the open but has feudalism become so totally out since the growth of the welfare state has replaced its bonds with more of the same?

What has this got to do with Capitalism?

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