Marchenko (Shevchenko), Alexei Ivanovich (1892-1921)

Alexei Marchenko

A short biography of the Makhnovist commander Alexei Marchenko

Mikhail Bukin: Letter to the Bolsheviks

Anarchy (Russian anarchist paper) Sept 29th 1919

A short account of the anarchist Mikhail Bukin and the letter he wrote to the Bolsheviks

Vasilevsky, (Tchaikovsky) Grigori Semyonovich (1892/3-1921)

Grigori Vasilevsky

A short biography of Makhnovist Grigori Vasilevsky

“Destroy the Makhno movement” - The Bolsheviks’ secret war against Nestor Makhno and his insurgents - Volodymyr Horak

Makhno & comrades - 1920

How the Bolshevik state intelligence services tried to destroy the Makhnovist movement - and the resistance they met.

Did Communism Make Us Human? On the anthropology of David Graeber – by Chris Knight

David Graeber

A critique of David Graeber’s understanding of communism.

Preamble of the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association

Preamble of the LFLRA, the first women labor organization in America, which appeared in the Voice of Industry newspaper. The LFLRA were textile workers who agitated for a ten-hour workday and other improvements.

The Forgotten History of New York’s Bagel Famines

"Remembering Local 338 and the world’s toughest bagel bakers." Written by Natasha Frost. Published by Atlas Obscura in 2018.

Summary of the Shinmin Prefecture

A short historical summary of the forgotten Korean project known as Shinmin Prefecture and Korean People's Association in Manchuria. This was a self-governing region of around two million people from 1929 to 1931.

Gwangju Diary: Beyond Death, Beyond the Darkness of the Age – Lee Jae-eui

Gwangju demonstrators around the fountain

2017 PDF edition of the seminal Gwangju Diary, written by Lee Jae-eui, and originally published in 1985, with an eyewitness day-to-day account of the Gwangju uprising of 1980.

Meccano factory occupation timeline

A timeline of the 1979 occupation of the Wavertree Meccano factory by mostly women workers, written by Dr Greig Campbell.