Workers' self-management in the Caribbean

Workers demonstrate in the Caribbean, 1951

A compilation of the writings of Joseph Edwards (a.k.a. George Myers or Fundi, the "Caribbean Situationist"), a Jamaican mechanic, worker organiser and wildcat strike leader. A constant critic of political parties and union hierarchies, this collection of articles give a glimpse at the struggle for workers' power in the factories, fields and offices of the Caribbean in the 20th century.

Joseph Edwards's pamphlets, written in the 1970s and ’80s, survey attempts to organize workers in banana and sugar cane fields, bauxite mines, clerical offices, and industrial factories. His writings are animated by a Rastafarian-influenced philosophy of history and direct democratic politics that emphasize the role of workers’ and village councils in Caribbean class struggle. The first published collection of writings by Joseph Edwards, Workers Self-Management in the Caribbean transforms how we understand class struggle during Caribbean New Left generation.

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