1818-2018 Bicentenary of Marx. Monde nouveau Interview with René Berthier.

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Interview with the syndicalist René Berthier about Karl Marx, the Communist League and the First International.

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Apr 30 2021 08:07



May 3 2021 12:57
In 1875 a unification congress was held in Gotha between Lassalle's
ADAV party and that of Eisenach, which led to the drawing up of a
programme, the famous Gotha programme. In fact, it was a victory for
Lassalle's ideas, to the great fury of Marx. This congress even ended with
a song sung by the congress participants, the “Marseillaise of the
Workers”, which said among other things: “We are following the
audacious path traced out for us by Lassalle”, which must have made
Marx suffocate with rage.

Two different songs:



Of course it's the first of these that Berthier means to refer to.

May 6 2021 17:56

They're both called the workers marseillaise. German worker was added later to distinguish between the two as the later Russian one grew more popular internationally.

Edit: just finished reading the interview, it was very good and covered some ground I haven't seen covered before despite spending well over a decade reading Marx and about Marx.