About Gurgaon Workers News

Hero Honda factory occupied, 2006

A brief introduction to the Gurgaon Workers News project.

Gurgaon Workers’ News is a project independent from political parties or unions, trying to support workers’ self-organisation in their struggle for a better life. One of the projects aim is to document the development and workers’ struggles in and around Gurgaon, one of the current boom regions of global capital. For this reason we publish a monthly electronic newsletter on our site.

GWS is not meant to be a purely documenting project, it is not supposed to be a one way street. We plan to distribute a regular newsletter/leaflet amongst workers in the area which, apart from local news, would contain workers` information of related industries, companies or boom regions from other places in the world. If you want to have your information distributed to workers of a specific company, see list of companies on the site, or if you would offer to do the same at your place, please get in touch.

web: http://gurgaonworkersnews.wordpress.com
e-mail: gurgaon_workers_news at yahoo.co.uk