Propulsive Utopia - Alfredo M. Bonanno

Propulsive Utopia - Alfredo M. Bonanno

This is not a simple call to action. The cemeteries are full of such calls. We are talking about a project that has been studied in the laboratories of capital and is now being applied to perfection. It is aimed at gradually and painlessly turning us away from our capacity to struggle. This project is moving hand in hand with the profound restructuring of capital. Ours is not a call to voluntarism, or if you like, a cry in the wilderness. We hope it will be, even if limited and approximate, a small contribution to an understanding of the profound changes that are taking place in the world around us.

Propulsive Utopia
The Refusal of Arms
But What is the Imaginary
Are We Modern?
The Priority of Practice
The Armed Wing of Science
The Moral Split
The Tyranny of Weakness

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