The Blast #1.01

The Blast #1.01 cover

First ever issue of Berkman's The Blast, January 15th, 1916 featuring birthday greetings from Emma Goldman as well as commentary on World War 1.

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Oct 4 2013 13:38

Hey mate, thanks for posting these. Although if you could put in a short introduction in the "intro" box with some basic information like what date the issue is from, and whether it has a theme or what it mostly covers that would be great!

Oct 4 2013 15:22

Yeah sorry, I kind of mucked up the Child-page stuff as well. I'll fix it now.

Edit: How do I delete the child pages. I accidentally added issues 3-5 as a child of issue 2 itself rather than the whole.

Oct 4 2013 15:41


Oct 4 2013 18:44

Hey, should be sorted now in terms of the ordering. Also, you now have permissions to approve your own edits when you add intros etc.

Also, I have changed your naming of the issues slightly to fit with how we do other publications on the site. Also by using double digits it means they will all automatically go in order (otherwise after 9 the order gets messed up). Thanks very much for this!

Oct 5 2013 02:52

Thanks for the help and tips! I'll try and continue to post 5 or so at a time as I visit the library to study.

Oct 7 2013 18:58

Fantastic! Thanks for the work! Great addition to the library . . .