Co-ops or workers' revolution?

Co-ops or workers' revolution?

An article by Tom Wetzel (under a pseudonym) which lays out the limitations of cooperatives as an alternative to capitalism.

Originally appeared in ideas & action #1 (Winter 1982)
Made available courtesy of the Workers Solidarity Alliance archives in NY
Scanned by Juan Conatz

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Juan Conatz
Jan 7 2014 01:02


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Chilli Sauce
Feb 8 2014 14:07

Jesus effing Christ, Boze, let it go, man.

Jun 20 2016 07:16

i find the topic of co-ops of interest since they have taken on a new breath of life in the US from what i see from the "progressive" websites i visit. The are as popular now as Sanders "democratic socialism".

We have Gar Alperovitz and we have Richard Wolff, both pushing not just for the creation of more co-ops but a national economy based upon them. And, of course, Mondragon always features strongly in the promotion without any questions raised about its structure and functioning within the global economy.

In the comments sections, i find a serious lack of understanding with co-op proponents and it is down to a misunderstanding of what capitalism is...and the confusion stems from Alperovitz and Wolff's concentration on only the limited aspect of capitalism - ownership and management of enterprises and not that it is also based upon exchange economy, competition and wage labour. With those who should know better i find myself having to explain the ABCs of capitalism once more and it still doesn't register with most....