The Drop: London Couriers Bulletin

The Drop: London Couriers Bulletin

Since September 2018, the London Branch of the IWW union has been organising with workers in the food delivery sector, most of whom work for Deliveroo and UberEats. Besides aiding individual members and helping to organise strikes, we have begun a monthly newsletter which reports on local as well as international conditions and struggles. We hope this bulletin can help London couriers develop their struggle against the companies and the state, as well as enable our union to maintain local contact with workers in various areas of our city.

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R Totale
Feb 3 2019 16:39


  • The Drop is a instrument for London drivers to come together and plan a strategy in this fight. We need to organise a city and nation-wide network to struggle against the low pay, low boost and terminations.

    London Couriers' Network

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