The Great Recession - Profit cycles, economic crisis

The Great Recession - Profit cycles, economic crisis

"In my book, The Great Recession, I argue that the best short-term indicator of an oncoming capitalist slump or economic recession is the movement of profits – in particular, the total mass of profit." - author Michael Roberts

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Great Book

Mar 28 2019 16:42

A regular dip into Michael Roberts' blog is always well worthwhile even if you, like me, disagree with his own proposed 'socialist' solutions.
There are a good selection in the latest March 2019 listing starting with this as here;
And there is a good review of his other book titled 'The Long Depression' here:

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May 3 2019 12:19

A short effective blast against recurring notions of a possible ''progressive capitalism'' being argued by various economists advising governments to tackle their fears associated with growing levels of inequality producing working class rebellion and anti-capitalist sentiments: