Industrial Pioneer (September 1921)

Industrial Pioneer (September 1921)

The September 1921 (Vol. 1, No. 8, Serial No. 8) issue of Industrial Pioneer, a journal produced by the Industrial Workers of the World during the 1920s.


-An Organized Harvest by Wm. Dimmit

-Industrial research

-Economic Determinism by Mary E. Marcy

-Oil and oil workers by Albert Barr

-The American railway industry and its workers by W.J. Lemon

-Revolutions in industrial countries by Charles W. Wood

-Large and small scale agriculture by Wm. Dimmit

-The undoing of capitalist industrial management by Rosa Knuuti

-Industrial democracy by Justus Ebert

-Wowen war and the class struggle by Mabel Kanka

-Tramping the Northwest by G.R.

-Gary, the home of steel and efficiency by The Steel Workers Press Commitee

-Will Europe revert to barbarism by H. Van Dorn

-The labor movement in Greece: a compilation

-The workers of the near east by Joe Marko

-A volunteer on the Siberian front by John Korpi


-Book reviews by Jean Cutner and Art Shields

-Defense news by H.J.

Johnson the Gypo by Ralph Winstead

-At the top of the world by A Rebel Girl

-"I" or "we" by Achef

-Honorably discharged by Jim Seymour

-The winnder by John E. Nordquist

-Civilization by Julia C. Coons

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