Industrial Worker #1690 (December 2006)

Industrial Worker #1690 (December 2006)

The December 2006 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Contents include:

- Workers without bosses under attack by Marie Trigona

- Starbucks CEO hides from Wobbly protesters

- Media workers face bosses' insatiable greed

- Readers' soapbox

- Berkeley Curbside Recyclers contract includes modest gains

- UK Wobs organizing education workers

- International general strike the answer to neoliberalism

- Immokalee workers tell Chipotle to walk its talk by Kari Lydersen

- The new web and the unions by Eric Lee

- Adjunct professors work long hours for short pay by Mark R. Wolff

- Canadian postal workers refuse to deliver homophobic hate mail

- Wide Wide World of sweatshops: Pirates drop the ball by Kenneth Miller

- Oaxaca protesters under siege by Amanda Aquino

- Real democracy by Gary Cox

- March to the left by Dorice Mcdaniels

- General strike against Swedish "job creation" scheme by Klas Ronnback & Irene Elemerot

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